Spooky Halloween Ideas: How to Decorate Your Fence and Gate

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Halloween is supposed to be the scariest night of the year. Turning your front gate and fence into a haunting backdrop can make your house one of the coolest ones on the block. With lighted jack-o-lanterns on the porch and a scarecrow set off to the side, your house can set the tone for the entire neighborhood.

Scary Bats and Black Cats Cut black cats and scary bats out of cardboard. Place the cats randomly along the bottom of the fence so they cast long, eerie shadows across the sidewalk. Hang a few bats from trees or the tops of the fence posts so they look as if they are in flight. With a slight breeze blowing, they will be the crowning touch to top off a frightful night of trick-or-treating.


Spider Webs and Skeletons Spread spider webs across your fence and make it look as if your property has been deserted. You can ensnare small skeletons within the webbing to make it look as if people have languished there for a long period of time. Add a few pieces from old Halloween costumes to the mix and it will add an extra dose of mystery.

Spider webs can be stretched from the fence to bushes, creating a pathway towards the porch. Animated skeletons that dance or move when a person passes by can also be added for an extra touch of fright.

Ghoulish Goodies Hang a few gourds, ears of corn, or other items that add holiday color along the fence. Treat bags with battery operated tea lights inside will give a subtle touch of light and guide the trick-or-treaters straight through the cob webs and up to your front porch.

Illuminated Ghost Garland Create an illuminated ghost garland and hang it on your fence to give it a spooky touch. You can use white fabric and create a hole in it to thread the light through it.Draw eyes and a mouth to give it a ghostly appearance.

“BOO” Sign Give a frightening look to your fence by placing a “BOO” sign on it. You can use cardboard to cut out 2 pumpkins and skulls. Place the skulls over the pumpkins and place lights in the eyes of the skulls. Keep them besides the letter “B” to make a “BOO” sign.

Scary Pumpkins Give a creepy look to your fence or gate by using scary pumpkins. Make scary faces on pumpkins and use lighting fixtures to make them glow in the dark. This will create a haunting backdrop.

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