Iron Fencing

Wrought Iron Fence in Orange County

We install only the best quality and unique iron fence!

An ornamental iron fence adds a stately look to your property that is hard to replicate.

To get a fence properly installed that gives you strength, style, and security, you can count on La Habra Fence’s services - a leading fencing company based in Orange County.

We install only the best quality and unique iron fence

Ornamental Metal Fences

La Habra Fence Company installs only the best quality ornamental metal fences manufactured by quality fabricators with extended or life time warranties. These top quality fences are a great investment for home owners and their associations for whom investments are of paramount importance. An added benefit is that these are only a once in a lifetime investment.

Further benefits are:

  • The replacement of old, rickety, and corroded fences is not required.
  • The fence joints come without welding and don’t require sanding and repainting.
  • For ocean facing applications that are vulnerable to corrosion, the option of Aluminum fences is available.
  • There is provision for standard-size gates along with gate kits with warranty from the same manufacturer.
  • There is an additional provision of custom fabricated and steel gates (welded). The paint warranties range between three months to a year based upon design and the investment that you made for corrosion resistant finishes.
Ornamental Metal Fences

It is worthwhile to remember that good fences create a positive impression in the minds of your neighbors, while bad fences can sour an otherwise pristine property.

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