Fence Services and Installation

Chain Link:

Chain link fencing is the type of fencing we install the most here at La Habra Fence. The types of products offered in this category range from heavy gauge which uses a 6 gauge wire to commercial grade chain link which uses a 9 gauge wire all the way down to the residential grade fencing which uses an 11 gauge wire. This type of fencing also comes in varying types of heights from 36” tall all the way to 12’ tall. This type of fencing is the most economical type while still maintaining good security.

Chain Link

Ornamental Iron Fencing:

Ornamental iron fencing offers a more decorative way to protect your interests. It is a manufactured steel fence product that uses a multi-stage process that includes acid dipping, pre-galvanizing and then ends with a powder coated finish. The result is a beautiful product that offers a hearty manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years. Common uses for this type of fencing are beautifying commercial and industrial properties and around pools at private residences or apartment/condominium complexes.

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Commercial and Residential:

Commercial and industrial fencing has become what La Habra Fence is best known for. We have been providing commercial customers with high quality workmanship for decades (since 1948). We are able to tackle small and large projects with ease, from plan take-offs and large sports complexes to small security enclosures and fully automated entry systems.

Residential fencing, however, is where La Habra Fence got its start almost 70 years ago. It is with great pride that we continue to provide low cost, high quality residential fencing to meet the demands of our new and returning customers. Residential fence services can range from 6’ tall perimeter fencing to 36” tall fencing around the front yard. We also offer a small, “anti-climb”,1 ¼” mesh chain link that passes pool code (as opposed to the standard 2” mesh.)

Commercial and Residential

Security Gates:

La Habra Fence can provide customers many different kinds of security fencing. We offer dead bolt and door knob boxes and hydraulic closers. We also offer all varying types of panic hardware, magnetic locks and fully automated entry and exit gates including keypads, remote transponders and all safety loops.

Security Gates

Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon:

There are times when fencing is just not enough to deter any bad element from your place of business. The customer that requires an added amount of security can use barbed wire and/or razor ribbon to help solve the problem. We offer top of the line 12 gauge, twisted, 4 point galvanized barbed wire. This wire can be strung in three strands at the top of the fence. It can also be installed with straight or 45 degree arms. And if that isn't enough we can loop some steel, surgically sharp razor ribbon. The razor ribbon is 18” in diameter and is installed, in most cases, along with barbed wire and spaced at 18”.

Barbed Wire and Razor Ribbon

Security Cages:

This is a service that we have provided to some of our larger customers such as the U.S. Naval Base in Seal Beach, Boeing, Capistrano Valley School District, as well as some large manufacturing companies such as Billabong and Kimberly Clark. These security cages provide added security and safety to items/product that are of high value that need to be covered and secure. These cages are also installed in the commercial arena as well with customers such as Sam’s Club, CVS and Costco that use the cages to help in their loss prevention programs.

Security Cages

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