Halloween Decoration Ideas: Give a Spooky Touch to Your Fence

Bestraddling fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, it’s All Hallows’ Eve just around the corner! According to NRF survey conducted by Prosper Insights and Analytics, consumers are expected to spend an average of $82.93 up from last year’s $74.34. Total spending for Halloween would reach $8.4 billion-the highest in the survey’s 11-year history; out of which $2.4 billion would be spent on decorations.

So rev up for a spooky makeover of your yard!

If you are a homeowner with fence, here are some creepy designs to get your snug looking home into an eerie old mansion:

A Spooky Touch to Your Chain Link Fence boo sign

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Here’s what you can do with your chain link fence to start off a scary night of trick-or-treating. Make an illuminated ghost garland. Cut ten squares of 14? from a white fabric and fold them into triangles. Now cut the tips off and create a hole in the squares’ center. Remove the lantern from the strand of White Lantern Lights. Thread the light through that hole you created in the square piece of fabric. Secure the lantern back in place. Then wrap the fabric around the sphere. Tie a piece of string at the bottom of the sphere. Use a sharpie to draw ghostly eyes and a mouth. When it’s done, hang on your chain link fence.

A Gothic Look to Your Iron Fence Gothic Look

Scatter spider webs across your fence and ensnare small skeletons within the webbing. Cut black cats and scary bats out of a cardboard. Place the cats randomly along the bottom of the fence so they cast long eerie shadows across the sidewalk.

A Deserted Look to Your Wire Fence Ghost Garland Look

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Place a “BOO” sign on your fence! Cut out 2 large pumpkins and 2 skulls out of cardboard or even use hollow shaped wood from discount shops. Paint both the pumpkins as well as the skulls with their respective colors. Layer the skulls over the pumpkins. Use double stick foam tape to attach the tea lights in the skull’s eye and now combine them with letter ‘B’ to spell the word “BOO”. Use a bit of floral wire to tie them to your fence.

A Frightening Look to Your Main Gate Frightening Look to Your Main Gate

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Create scary face on pumpkins and place them near your front gate to welcome your visitors. You can even hang them on the gate to give a creepy look to your entrance. To increase the effect, use built-in lighting fixtures that will glow in the dark creating a frightful night for trick-or-treaters. Hang some hand-made ghostly figures and goblins on the security gate to give your guests jitters. These spooky decoration ideas will turn your front gate into a haunting backdrop this Halloween.

These are some easy, innovative and homemade techniques to make trick-or-treaters quiver with fear!

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