How to Care for Your Fence During Summer

Fence During Summer

Summer threatens a fence with heat, humidity, and rust. Whether it's a wood fence, a chain link fence or wrought iron fence, all are at the risk of slow deterioration from the summer's heat.

Protect your fence early enough with effective measures so that you don't need to worry about the fence repair. It will not only make your fence last longer but also keep your curb appeal intact. When it gets really hot in the summer, you can prolong the life of your fence by following some basic measures.

Use these tips to help maintain your fence even when the summer sun is beating down on it. Your fence will last longer and you’ll spend less on chain link fence repair over the life of the fence.

Wash Your Fence One of the best things you can do to avoid chain link fence repair is to simply wash it down. Over the winter, your fence was likely exposed to rain, snow and all sorts of natural debris. In many cases, this debris can stick to the fence and compromise its structure.

When you’re working on a chain link fence, you may also want to consider using a power washer or pressure washing machine to get rid of debris. If the fence is painted, make sure you stand the recommended distance away to avoid blasting the paint off.

Check Hinges All chain link fences have hinges, and these are often the first thing to rust. Once they become rusted they can be very hard to deal with and damage your fence while making it hard to use.

Replace hinges that are damaged or rusted as soon as possible to avoid serious, long-term problems that could result in you having to repair or replace your fence.

Check Trees and Roots Trees and roots can both damage your chain link fence, and even if you’re diligent it may not be obvious when damage is happening. Check the ground below the fence periodically for potential dangers.

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