5 Simple Ways to Beautify Your Fence This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year! The days are shorter and nights are longer, and the weather is cooling down. And with this fall season, there’s a lot to cheer as Thanksgiving is here to praise the almighty for the abundant food, prosperity and happiness for everyone.

5 Simple Ways to Beautify Your Fence This Thanksgiving

As we all know decoration plays an important role in every occasion, because it enhances the feel of that festival. So get ready for a pleasant makeover of your fence to welcome all the guests at your door for Thanksgiving.

Here are some easy tips you can use to beautify your fence this Thanksgiving:

  1. Hang Bright Potted Flowers on Your Fence
  2. You can use vibrant flowers like plumeria, mums, and torch lilies for Thanksgiving decoration. These would give an authentic sense of fall season and a cozy effect to any of your fences - let it be wooden fence, chain link fence, wrought iron fence or even security gates. You simply need to hang the potted flowers in a specific row- it can be either linear or diagonal.
  3. Mini Pumpkins on the Fence Posts
  4. Get some hollow pumpkins from the market and make tiny pores all around. After that, put a candle inside and do the same with all the pumpkins. The number of pumpkins will depend on the number of fence posts. Once you are done with the process, keep all those pumpkins on the post and in the evening you can light up the candles. This will give a very pleasant look to your fence and will also compliment the other decoration you’ve done.
  5. Banner on the Fence
  6. Placing banners on your fence is a nice idea for Thanksgiving decoration. You can use different message banners. These banners can be easily made at home according to your preferences or you can even look out for them in the market amongst different varieties. Unique banners will grab the attention of those on your door steps this Thanksgiving.
  7. Hay Bales at the Bottom of Fence
  8. Hay bales are classy for Thanksgiving decoration. Without them, it would seem incomplete, as they naturally reflect the fall season and farm scenes. You can get these from any discount shops. Spread some of them along the bottom of the fences and keep rest of them at the opening of the fence. You can even use some scare crows, pumpkins and guards with these hay bales to add an extra touch to your fence decoration.
  9. Corn Stalk and Lighting
  10. Corn stalk is a must for Thanksgiving decoration. Tie corn stalks to the outward direction of the main entry of fence on both sides and cover these tall stalks with lighting in a criss-cross manner. Turn on these lights in the evening during your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Use these innovative and easy tricks to decorate your fence this Thanksgiving and give an amazing look to your house.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Ron Frazelle

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