6 Thanksgiving Décor Ideas to Fill Your Yard with Autumn Colors

Autumn may precede the coldest time of the year, but its colors are some of the warmest. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, this is the perfect time of year to use the natural colors of the season to liven up your yard.

Here are 6 Thanksgiving decor ideas to decorate your yard and fence:
  1. Flowers Flowers Mums and gerbera daisies aren’t the only fall plants you can use. Try making arrangements with sedum, asters, and salvia. Add some grape vines and a few small pumpkins, or gourds, to decorate porch railings.

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  3. Pumpkins and Gourds Pumpkins Arrangements of pumpkins and gourds can be placed on the porch, alongside hay bales, or surrounding a cheerful-looking scarecrow. Bring a bit of country into your city yard and watch the atmosphere become calm.

  4. Straw Bales straw bales Straw bales are easy to come by this time of years. Arrange a few to create a seating area or as a backdrop for flowers. Toss a few into an old wheelbarrow and arrange a scarecrow nearby. You can also create an autumn-inspired wreath using straw bales to decorate your yard.

  5. Rocks rocks Use flat rocks woven among flowers, hay bales, and corn stalks for a small maze. The rocks can be left natural or painted in red, orange, and yellow to match the rest of the seasonal colors. A cohesive color coordination is the best way to display autumn colors in your yard.

  6. Corn Husks corn husks Gather corn husks into batches and tie together to add a bit of interest to pumpkin and gourd arrangements, or intertwine them with grapevines and flowers for a wonderful garland to decorate porch rails.

  7. Scarecrow scarecrow A scarecrow will add one of the most interesting focal points to your holiday decor. It can be made to look friendly, whimsical, or even slightly scary. With a little imagination, and the addition of other decorations such as hay bales, flowers, pumpkins, and other natural elements, your scarecrow will be complete.

It's time to start decorating your yard for the Thanksgiving season. Happy Thanksgiving! Also Read: 10 Creative Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas for Your Yard

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