Winter Preparation: 5 Tips to Consider For Your Fences

Winterizing your fence properly can prevent damage and unnatural wear and tear. Chain link fences and wooden fences alike need proper care if they are to be in place and in good condition throughout the winter season. And hence, it is advisable to prepare your fence in advance, before the winter arrives. Check out these 5 easy steps to consider while preparing fences for winters.

Winter Preparation: 5 Tips to Consider For Your Fences

Clean Your Fence Lightly pressure wash your fence to remove any mold, grass or other material that has stuck to your fence. This will prevent staining and keep your fence looking nice throughout the year. A good washing is beneficial in the winters as well.

Re-seal Your Wooden Fences After you have thoroughly cleaned your fence, apply a new coat of oil-based sealant. This will prevent moisture from damaging the fence as snow and ice begin to thaw. Unprotected wood fences can draw moisture, causing them to warp as the temperature changes.

Remove Dirt and Yard Debris It is advisable to remove as much dirt and yard debris as possible from around the base of the fence. This prevents moisture from accumulating as well as reducing the risk of deterioration at then ends of the boards.

Trim Branches and Bushes Trim away any dead or low hanging branches. When branches become heavy with snow and ice, they begin to droop causing them to put pressure on fences. The same is true for bushes that are next to the fence. Keep them neatly trimmed and there will be less risk of damage during a heavy snowfall.

Put Up Markers To Avoid Snow Piles Piling snow next to a fence can spell disaster if you get too close. The fence can be permanently shifted or bent if snow is placed too close to the fence line. Placing markers approximately ten to fifteen feet from the fence will give you plenty of room to pile snow without damaging the fence.

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