Why Football Grounds Go for Chain Link Fencing

If you’re the owner or groundskeeper of a football field, chances are you know what type of fence that everybody else in town is using. For the most part, everybody is using chain link fence for a variety of different reasons.

Football Grounds Go for Chain Link Fencing

If you’re new to picking fencing though, you may be curious as to why chain link fencing is so popular. Use this guide to learn more about chain link fencing and its benefits. It’s the common choice for football grounds for a reason.


The main reason that people pick chain link fences for football grounds is that it is so durable. No matter what you put the fence through – including kids climbing on the fence and balls pounding it day in and day out – your chain link fence is going to stand the test of time.

Chain link fence also deals with poor weather very well. If it rains or snows in your area, you don’t want to have a fence that will rust and look bad while crumbling. Opt for chain link fencing and you won’t have that problem.


Most football grounds are quite large and have a big surface area, so a lot of fencing is needed to secure them. When you need so much fencing, you want to opt for something that is very affordable per square foot.

Chain link fence is nothing if not cost-effective. Whether you need 100 yards or 10,000 yards, you can get the job done without going over budget with chain link fencing.

Easy Replacement

Another excellent thing about chain link fencing is that you can replace it in sections. That means that you can take down damaged sections and quickly swap in new chain link fence for the old parts in almost all cases.

Chain Link Fencing


Ron Frazelle

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