When is The Right Time to Replace Your Wooden Fence?


Like all other building structures, a wooden fence will also wear out over time, eventually needing replacement. Are you confused about the right time to replace your wooden fence? If so, here are some signs you should look out for before replacing your wooden fence. 

• Rotting

One of the most obvious signs that tell you it is time to replace your wooden fence is, significant rotting. Most of the time, in a wooden fence, rotting starts where the fence is closest to the ground. This is because the wooden boards experience moisture in that area. Even though regular maintenance and application of preservatives may prevent the rotting to a certain extent, the rot will eventually set in. So, if you see your fence is rotting up, it is time to think of a replacement.

• Leaning

Have you recently observed that your wooden fence is leaning over? Rain, wind, and shifting ground can cause your fence to lose its strength and make it lean to either side. In case the leaning is observed only in one section of the fence, you can repair it by adjusting or replacing a few fence posts. However, if you observe widespread leaning across the fence, no amount of repair will fix it, and the only option left will be to replace the entire fence.

• Split and Missing Boards

As your fence gets older, it is normal for it to crack and split. If you observe too many splits and missing boards, you may need to replace the entire fence. This is important because warped boards not only ruin your fence's aesthetic appeal, but can also cause structural problems.

• Loose or Missing Fasteners

It is common to observe screws and nails on the fence to get loose or even fall out of your fence over time. Although, it is possible to get them replaced, eventually, a time will come when the wood fails to withstand a new nail or screw. This can cause your fence to be wobbly. Soon, it will become clear that there is no use in fixing the missing fasteners. In such a situation, the best solution is replacing the entire fence, so that the fence's structure is no longer compromised by trying to replace loose or missing fasteners in deteriorating wood.

• Repairs Are Too Costly

Fence replacement becomes the logical option when the repairs are too costly. If replacement costs you only a little more than a repair, it is always best to go for the replacement, as a new fence will last much longer than the old one. Moreover, it is not wise to invest a considerable amount to repair a fence that will not last for more than a couple of years.

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