Top 4 Residential Fences: Which One is Right for You?

Whether you would like some privacy, security, or curb appeal, a fence is an important element in your home’s exterior design. Factors such as budget, durability, and appearance should be analyzed before you make your selection on which residential fence to choose.

Residential Fences Which One Is Right for You

With that being said, here are the top 4 types of residential fences to help you find out which fence best fits your home:

  • Metal Fence A metal fence provides a highly decorative look that will make your home stand out. These types of fences provide great security because they are durable and very difficult to break down. However, due to its open design, there is very little privacy. Metal fences often contain decorative elements; such as scrollwork at the top.

  • Chain-link Fence A chain-link fence provides an affordable and durable option for your home. It keeps out unwanted intruders and provides a safe play area for your children and pets. A chain-link fence features an open design that leads to a lack of privacy, but you can add some slats to block your yard from view. These fences are low maintenance and do not require frequent replacements.

  • Wrought Iron Fence An ornamental wrought iron fence adds a beautiful element to your home. It integrates beauty and elegance along with providing security to your property. A wrought iron fence can last for many years with little maintenance. Whether you are looking for a traditional, modern, or Victorian style, a wrought iron fence can be easily customized.

  • Wire Fence Wire fences, such as barbed wire fences, razor wire fences, concertina wire fences, are perfect if you are looking to be cost-effective and need a greater sense of security. Their sharp edges discourage trespassers from climbing the fence, providing a great level of security to your property. These fences can be easily customized and require low maintenance.

Carefully weigh your options before choosing the right residential fence.

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