Top 3 Residential Fences: Do's and Don'ts You Need to Know

Ornamental iron, chain link, and wire fencing are considered the top 3 residential fences as they are extremely durable. They do, however, require a certain level of maintenance to help ensure your home's safety, overall value and curb appeal.

Top 3 Residential Fences

When it comes to metal residential fencing it is important to know what you should and should not do when it comes to its care and maintenance.

Do's The following tips will help you preserve the integrity and reliability of your metal or wire residential fencing. They include:

  • Remove any bubbling or chipped paint if it begins to appear

  • Always make sure latches and hinges are in good working order

  • Move decorative plants, shrubs and grasses away from the fencing

  • Check for loose posts every month or so, especially if the fence has been hit by a car or other large objects

  • Always look for any weak areas that may begin to show along the fence and promptly have them repaired

  • If twigs or sticks become lodged in the fencing, promptly remove them and check the fence for damages

Don'ts Wire residential fencing can also be damaged or compromised by certain things you do when trying to improve your property.

Tips to avoid any damage or deterioration include:

  • Don't try to paint your metal or wire residential fencing

  • Don't plant any kind of brush or shrubby next to the fence itself, always move it out one or two feet to prevent the branches from getting caught in the fence

  • If a latch or hinge becomes damaged or does not work properly, fix it immediately

  • Never allow anything heavy to be leaned against or placed up on the fencing

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Residential Fencing


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