Tips to Decorate Your Fence for Easter

After a long winter, and with Easter just around the horizon, it's great to get out into the garden. However, there is always a long list of tasks to complete to get the most out of your outdoor area. So, a little work can make the exterior of your house beautiful for Easter and beyond. 


Spend an hour or two considering what needs to be done, whether it's rebuilding or maintaining a garden fence, weeding and mowing, or revamping some important elements to give your garden a fresh new appearance for spring and summer. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of fence decoration ideas for Easter

Custom Fence Decorating Ideas for Easter

From the ancient standard of Featheredge Panels to more modern, European-style panels like wave design with integrated trellis, fence panels can have eye-catching designs when used creatively.  

Make sure to consider:

  • Excellent quality posts, whether treated to requirements for in-ground usage (look for HC4 treatment) or dry cast concrete posts for added strength.
  • Pressure treated panels (look for Tanalith E) with thicker timber and additional framework for added longevity.
  • smooth-planked timber for a high-quality look and feel.
  • stainless steel fixings for robustness and to minimize rust stains,
  • a good, strong concrete mix for a stable installation of the post.

Fence Panels from DIY Store

A good option is to go to your local DIY store and pick one of their panels based on the Easter theme. You will get various fence options in these stores, so pick the best one according to your house structure and color.

Easter Eggs and Garlands

Garlands of Easter eggs or bunnies can be used to decorate your fence. These garlands are quite easy to construct. Cut paper egg or rabbit shapes, string them with thread, and hang them on the fence or porch with colorful ribbons.

Hanging Flower Pots

A lovely bunch of flowers will instantly liven up your outside environment. Attach the planter to the porch to make your place look livelier and inviting. You may adorn your outdoor space with various colorful hanging pots this Easter.

Easter Sign Board

Place Easter signs on your fence to add holiday cheer to your yard. It's an excellent method to express Easter messages and greet your guests. Printable Easter signs can be used to adorn your yard for an Easter egg hunt.

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