Tips for Maintaining Your Chain Link Fences

Although the chain link fence is one of the most durable fencing options available, proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that they are not easily damaged. Remember, that if properly maintained, a chain link fence can stay strong for years. If you are new to fence maintenance, here are the six most popular maintenance tips for chain link fences that will make them more durable.

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• Fight Rust with Finish

Chain link fences can indeed withstand the natural elements better than other fencing types. However, without proper coating, your chain link fence can become susceptible to rust from moisture easily. Factors that speed up the rusting process are morning dew, rain, and snow. To fight these rusting agents, your chain link fence should be adequately coated with a rust-resistant finish.

• Wash and Wax

A chain-link fence tends to accumulate grass and dirt from the ground quickly. This is why it is essential to wash your chain link fence from time to time. You should use soapy water to clean your fence between seasons so that it looks new. You can start with wax and then oil your fence’s latches, springs, and joints with mineral oil. Also, make sure to sand away light scratches on the fence by using steel wool.  

• Check for Loose Nails

Remember, that if not detected early enough, loose nails can cause significant damage to your fence. Therefore, always make sure there are no loose nails on the fence and tighten any that are found. 

• Oil The Hinges

You should make sure that all the hinges in your chain link fence gate are rust free, by oiling them regularly. This is very important, as rusted hinges will make the opening and closing of the fence gate difficult.

• The Maintenance Routine

Always keep in mind that, as with any other mechanical part, maintaining your chain link fence for small problems is comparatively easy. So, make sure to get your chain link fence regularly maintained, preferably once a month. You should also check your chain link fence physically, when possible, so that any changes in the alignment or any other signs of damage are spotted at the early stages. This process will make the repair work easier.

• Get Professional Help

When it comes to your fence's structural work and overall steadiness, we would always recommend you to get professional help. This is because most of your chain link fence's structural issues involve intricate work that most people do not understand.  A licensed fencing professional can easily save you time by fixing such complex issues, as they are well trained to do the job. 

You can contact the expert fencing professional team at La Habra Fence if you want to keep your chain link fence well-maintained. Our team will provide expert advice and help, regarding all your fencing needs. For any questions or to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call today.

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