Timber vs. Metal Fencing: Which One to Choose?

Adding a fence to your property provides visual appeal as well as other types of benefits. Many people struggle with the choice of what material to use. The two most common are metal and timber. Each one has its own benefits, but metal fencing tends to win out. A few of the most common reasons are as follows.

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Iron fencing will last several years without succumbing to natural wear and tear. The elements can be extremely hard on a fence made of timber or vinyl. Metal fencing may cost a little more, but it can remain in place for many years without having to worry about being replaced or worn out.

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Iron fencing is much more secure than timber fencing. It will not bend and the posts cannot be cut using a saw or drill. The elements can weaken a timber fence making it very easy to compromise.


Metal fences can withstand tremendous force, such as a tree falling or being ran into by a lawnmower or larger vehicle. If a timber fence is damaged, it makes it easier for intruders to gain entry into the property. The durability of an iron fence helps to protect against various types of damage.


While timber fencing must be weather-proofed regularly, a metal fence requires little to no maintenance. Other than oiling the hinges on the gate two or three times a year, there is little to no maintain unless something is damaged over time.

Environmental Concerns

Metal fencing is also better for the environment. A wood fence can last for several years, if it is cared for properly. A metal fence, however, does not require sealants or additional wood if one of the panels or boards breaks.

Ornamental Iron Fencing


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