The 5's of Iron Fence Designs You Should Look Out for

What is the use of lush green front yard that you built for a better show of your house, if you are hiding it behind a 6-feet tall brick wall! Wrought iron fences are one the most popular options these days.

A lot of iron fence design options are available that will not only add to the facade of your home, but will also take care of the safety and security of your property.

Iron Fence Designs

But, how would you be able to decide the design of your fence if you have little or no idea about its various aspects that need to be taken care of. A research on their functionality, materials used, purpose, and height can guide you in selecting the right fence design for your home.

Let's take a look at the 5's of iron fence design options for your home:


It's never just about the purpose but also the way in which the purpose is fulfilled. The style of your fence must complement the look of your home. A brick column iron fence fits best with a prominent brick-walled home. It gives the same look and feel as that of the house. Likewise, a grand two-story Spanish style building can look highly attractive with a floral pattern iron fence. You should be looking for a style that simply gives your home a curb appeal and complements its surroundings.


The space between the rails of your fence is of great functionality. A lot of negative space – the blank spaces – will allow the passersby to get a glimpse of the beauty of your front yard. It will also allow sunlight to reach to the small plants rooted behind your fence. If privacy is what you need, the decorative tall bushes behind the fence will best serve your concern. Or, you can simply lessen the negative space to meet your privacy demands.


The design of your fence must also ensure a fair amount of strength to it. Though wrought iron fences are strong and durable but a bad design with lots of negative space will only hamper its sturdiness. People generally pick fences with huge spaces between the bars to cut their cost, but they forget that a cut to one or two bars will provide enough entry space to the intruders.


The very purpose of installing fences is security, and that should be your prime concern when deciding on the design of your fence. A tall iron fence of at least 6-feet height will provide you the best security whereas, the ones that are 4-feet tall are considered to be of medium security. Also, installing finial spear jigs on top of the bars will provide additional security to your humble abode.


Leonardo da Vinci put it this way, 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'. Whichever design option you go for as per the look of your home, adherence to the most basic formula of simplicity gives your home the most complete look. Remember, real beauty lies in simplicity.

Fences make very nice boundaries that not only look beautiful but also provide protection to your home.

LaHabra Fence offers a variety of design options in iron fences that will create a positive impression of your home on your neighbors.

Ornamental Iron Fencing


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