Striking Chain Link Fencing Tricks for Your Home

Chain link fences are among the most popular types of fences because of their versatility and affordability. They are sturdy without sacrificing your view, and they can keep unwanted animals out while keeping your pets safe. However, most chain link fences are monotonous and look the same. With a little extra work, custom fencing can help set your home apart.


Chain Link Fencing Tips and Tricks for Your Home Here are some striking chain link fencing tips and tricks to increase the curb appeal of your home:

Well-Placed Roses

If you have a green thumb and live in the right climate, a rose garden is a perfect customization to any fence. You can grow several different colored roses along the fence, or have a single color adorning it. You’ll love the way they look as roses add just the right amount of elegance to your fence.

Classic Vertical Garden

If you are not interested in maintaining roses, a vertical garden is a perfect touch to a custom fence. You can add fresh vegetables and fruits, a trellis with jasmine, ivy, or morning glories, all of which add a classic look to your fence.

The Beauty of Bamboo

If you want to hide things like fence poles, use rolled up bamboo to create a unique look. Unlike gardens, rolled bamboo will maintain a consistent appeal all year long. It is a custom fence look you aren’t likely to see anywhere else.

More Options with Slats

If you want to change the look of your fence or make your fence stand out, you can add slats. Depending on your preference, you can keep the slat color the same as that of your fence or use a different colored slat. You can even vary your slats color to give your fence a unique striped look. Adding slats also has the additional benefit of giving you an extra bit of privacy from onlookers.


Vines can also be an excellent option to beautify your chain link fence. Decide whether you want perennial or annual vines, evergreen or deciduous vines, or flowering or foliage vines. Some of the popular vines you can choose from are morning glory, English Ivy, passion flower, climbing hydrangeas, purple-leaved grape and more.

Hanging or Artistic Decorations

Decorations are an easy way to personalize your chain link fence. You can hang different types of decorations such as colored glass stones, cut-outs, and collectibles. Using brightly colored lace or fabric to weave and create a mural will really make your fence pop. Use your imagination for creative chain link fence decoration ideas.

Metal Spray Paint

Finally, you can paint your chain link fence so that it blends well with the surroundings. Clean the fence and remove any dust or rust with a brush, and then roll on paint with a roller. Metal paints come in a variety of colors giving your chain link fence a colorful look.

Use these unique fencing ideas to make your chain link fence more lively and appealing.

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