What Steps Should You Take to Trim Around a Chain Link Fence

Trim Around a Chain Link Fence

Keeping your yard neatly trimmed is fairly simple. One of the biggest obstacles a homeowner can face is clearing away weeds and tall grass from a chain link fence. The sturdy wire and metal posts will make it difficult to pull weeds by hand. A lawn trimmer can provide a viable solution if you take the time to perform the job correctly.

Here are a couple actionable tips to help you effectively trim around your chain link fence:

Work Slowly When trimming around chain link or any other type of fencing, the key is to go relatively slow. Moving along the fence too fast will result in many of the weeds being knocked over. While they may be knocked down, it doesn't necessarily mean they will stop growing. Moving slowly along the fence allows the trimmer to cut through the stems at the base preventing them from coming back up or growing big enough to produce seed.

Carry Extra Cord The sturdy wire and metal posts will wreak havoc on trimmer cord. Even the strongest trimmer wire will eventually fray and snap as it constantly comes in contact with the fencing. Always carry extra trimmer cord so that you can reload the spool and get back to the task at hand. A good way to prevent damage to trimmer cord is to keep the cord from going all the through to the other side of the fence. Many times a homeowner will try to trim both sides of fence at once.

Make More than One Pass Make two or three passes along the fence to make the fence look especially well cared for. Take the time to trim each side of the fence individually. Not only will the fence look well cared for, you will prevent breakage and save an abundance of trimmer cord. Taking your time also allows you to take out larger weeds.

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