Sliding Gates Guide: What You Need to Know

Jan 13, 2015

Security Gates

Sliding Gates Guide: What You Need to Know

If you are tired of getting out of your car in the cold or rainy weather only to open your gate, and repeat the same procedure all over again, then you need to look at sliding gates. These security gates also have lower space requirements compared to other types of gates.

To maximize the benefits offered by sliding gates, here are a few facts to consider about them:

Deterrence Against Unwanted Guests 

Sliding gates help deter crimes by making the criminals think twice before entering someone’s premises. 


With automated sliding gates, you can enter your property just by pressing a button. This feature proves to be extremely convenient, especially when it is raining heavily or during other poor weather conditions.

Aesthetic Appeal 

These gates are available in multiple sizes and shapes. You can also customize them to complement the rest of your property. This is useful to increase the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of your property.

Helps Comply with Regulations

Sliding gates procured from a reputable fencing company can help you comply with specific security and safety regulations relevant to your property and its premises. 

Provides Ultimate Safety 

Whether it is a construction, renovation, or docking area, installing sliding gates helps keep intruders away and protects you by preventing hazards and other safety issues.

Saves You Money

While providing security and increasing your property’s appearance, sliding gates eliminate the need to hire security guards or mobile patrols to monitor your premises for theft, vandalism, and other nuisances. 

Takes Up Less Space 

If you have limited space, you can choose to install sliding gates. These save space that can be utilized for parking or gardening. 

Safeguards Other Amenities on Your Property

Besides providing security, installing a sliding gate can stop intruders from entering your garden. It will protect your outdoor amenities such as grills, flower pots, lawn furniture, and decors from thefts and vandalism. If you have a swimming pool on your property, installing a sliding gate around it can prevent unfortunate accidents. 

Less Prone to Damage 

The sliding gates are positioned on wheels, so you do not have to worry about damages caused by frequent collisions with other objects on the ground. They also last longer, thus saving you from the hassle of frequent repair or reinstallation. 


The automated sliding gates are perfect for wide openings in properties and driveways that are steep or have an upward slope. 

Keeps Kids and Pets Safe 

Installing sliding gates on your residential property can protect your kids and pets from wandering off your property.

Pick Suitable Motors

Sliding gates are boosted by a motor across a railing. A good motor should be selected for use on your security gates, defending on the weight and length of the gates.

The regularity of usage is also important. There is a wide assortment of motors to choose from, each, with different characteristics and prices. Look through the available variety, searching for the motor that best suits your needs.

Install Anti-Lift Mechanism

These gates are not held in place by normal hinges so it is very important that the gates stay on the sliding rails. For security purposes, it’s very important to make sure that the gates are in position. To guarantee this, make sure that the gates are installed with anti-lift mechanism.

Use Stopping Mechanism

The security of sliding gates depends on rails. Without a stopping mechanism in place, the gate could potentially derail. Stopping mechanisms can help guarantee that the gate functions effectively.

Use Quality Wheels

The wheels on the sliding gates are also very important. Quality wheels guarantee extended service, and maximum functionality of the gate. Unstable wheels are bound to be worn out. That may leave you with a broken gate that needs regular up-to-date maintenance.

Security gates rely on proper fitting to work at their peak. Making sure that you have the right materials is the best way to enjoy all of the benefits of your gate.

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