Residential Fencing Facts: Choose the Style That Suits You

Are you thinking about installing residential fencing? Is it hard to get past the image of the idyllic white picket fence? While there is nothing wrong with the iconic aesthetic of a white picket fence, there is so much more to the fencing industry.

The United States fencing industry alone hires more than 270,000 people annually. Additionally, the industry also comprises almost 100,000 businesses that make for net $51 billion revenue annually. As you weigh varying materials and styles for your new fence, consider the following three options.

Wood Currently wood is the most popular residential fencing material in the United States. Many homeowners appreciate that it offers a sense of privacy while providing an attractive aesthetic. You make family and friends feel welcome without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that size and height of the fence both play a role in the price. Larger fences require more lumber and take longer to build, both of which increase the total cost.

Aluminum Aluminum doesn't offer the same level of security as wood, but is still affordable and attractive. The biggest decision that you have to make with an aluminum fence is how you want to paint and decorate it. As aluminum is not the most durable fencing material available, it's not an ideal choice for regions of the country that are subject to frequent severe weather.

Chain link Chain link fences are a great option for private residences in need of security. The plain, open design doesn't offer much aesthetic appeal or privacy, but the fences boast ample protection. You'll be hard pressed to find a fence that is as cheap or that will last as long as a chain link fence. If you'd like to add privacy, think about planting flowers, shrubs, or vines along the outside edge.

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