How Planting Vines Can Beautify Your Chain Link Fence

Beautify Chain Link Fence

Does your chain link fence look unsightly compared to the rest of your yard? Thankfully there are different ways you can beautify your fence, and one of the best options happens to be planting plants and vines that beautify the area.

But what kinds of plants and vines are best to grow on or around a chain link fence to make your property aesthetically pleasing?

There are some questions you need to answer about your own preferences first:

  • Do you prefer flowering or foliage vines?
  • Are you looking for evergreen or deciduous vines?
  • Would you like perennial or annual vines?

Once you know, here are some options when it comes to beautifying your chain link fence:

  • Annual Vines These are going to grow the fastest if you're looking to have something beautiful immediately. Annual flowering vines that are popular to grow on fences include hops, morning glory, passion flower, and hyacinth bean.

  • Perennial Vines On the other side, if you're looking for flowering vines that are perennial you have some beautiful options to choose from, such as ? trumpet vine, honeysuckle, wisteria, and climbing hydrangeas.

  • Evergreen Vines If you don't wish to have flowering vines, but still want a bit of foliage to cover the chain link fence year round, then you probably want evergreen foliage vines. Some of the most popular and appealing plants happen to be different types of ivy, such as Persian, Boston, and English.

  • Deciduous Vines If you want a bit of pop at different times of the year, then a deciduous foliage vine is going to be your best option. These types of vines include Virginia creeper, hardy kiwi, purple leaved grape, and silver fleece vine.

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