Paint or Stain Your Fence: Which is Better?

A common question that typically comes up after installing a new fence is whether to paint or stain it.  Undoubtedly, both staining and painting help protect your fence from bugs, rot, and harsh weather conditions. However, there are some differences to consider before settling on either of them.


The Difference Between Painting and Staining Wood

Listed below are some notable differences between painting and staining your fence wood.

  • Staining a fence soaks into the wood, thus allowing you to see the wood's texture. On the other hand, painting a fence covers the entire surface, including the wood’s texture.
  • Paint will peel and crack over time, requiring you to sand the entire paint coating from your fence if you want to repaint it. However, as stains fade, there is no need to remove the previous coating as all you need to do is apply more stain.
  • Painting is a good option if you desire a complete transformation. It provides you with various color options, ensuring a brand new look in the blink of an eye. In staining, even though you have different stains available, the wood's grain would be visible even after staining, making the transformation less dramatic.
  • While stains allows the wood to breathe, paints restrict the wood's ability to breathe, which causes the wood to trap moisture content that might result in future rotting.
  • Stains come in various types, ranging from solid to almost transparent ones. The more solid a stain is, the greater the protection offered to your fence. However, a solid stain will limit the overall beauty of the wood.

How Does the Cost of Painting a Fence Differ From Staining It?

The initial cost of staining your fence may be higher than painting it. However, staining requires less maintenance, is easier to apply, and does not need to be re-stained often. In the long run, staining is a more cost-effective method to protect your fence.

Which Method Should You Choose?

Choosing between stain and paint is a matter of personal preference. Always consider the time, effort, and cost involved in each option before making your final decision. Also, make sure the method you choose beautifully complements the style of your property. Keep in mind your local weather conditions before settling on either option.

If you are still not able to decide whether you should paint or stain your fence, contact La Habra Fence at (562) 697- 4216. Our team will work with you to make the right decision for your fence.

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