Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence Ideas for Your Pool

Wrought iron fencing is ideal for enclosing almost any area. While it doesn't close off an area visually, it is extremely secure when it comes to durability and preventing unwanted guests from accessing the area. A Wrought iron fence can be extremely decorative and when used around a pool that is surrounded by carefully thought out landscaping, it can be very aesthetically pleasing.

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Here are some ornamental wrought iron fence ideas for your pool:

More than Just a Fence

Wrought iron enclosures are more than just fencing. Unlike chain-link fencing that has little decorative value, wrought iron fencing comes in many different shapes, styles, widths and heights. It can be completely customized, right down to the widths of the posts. Designs can be included in the fencing or placed along the top as an accent.

Decorate the Gate

For most homeowners who have chosen wrought iron as a fencing material, the gate is their place to make a statement. It is the finishing touch that essentially seals the deal. This is normally where they add their signature statement. It can be the first letter of their last name, a unique pattern or a final flourish of design that ties the entire project together.

Wood, Brick and Iron Combination

For some, having a fence made only of iron can be boring. They want a combination that will stand out, but still draw everything together. The combination of wood, brick and iron works well together if put together the right way. For example, brick pillars, wrought iron panels and a decorative wood paneled gate can create a country atmosphere that is not only beautiful, but extremely secure.

Heron Style with Glass Panels

Combining heron style wrought iron fence with the glass panels that have iron posts gives your pool area a modern and elegant look. Using rustic brick wall as the base of the fence adds a natural touch to your fence. Apart from providing security and safety, this fence design also provides a clear visibility around your pool area.

Make it Classic and Decorative

The Classic and decorative wrought iron fence with arched top is a traditional and everlasting fence style. This fence design never fails to enhance the style of your pool and secure your pool area. It truly adds a contemporary Victorian touch to your pool and the surrounding area. Choosing this fence style will make your pool area stand out in your neighborhood.

In-Frame Decorative Fence

Beautify your pool area by using in-frame decorative wrought iron fence style. This fence style looks classic and glamorous. Apart from fully securing the pool area, this simple and elegant fence design gives a royal look to your surroundings. Installing this gorgeous wrought iron fence will amaze your visitors and create a great impression on them.

Your pool does not have to be boring. Using wrought iron fencing can add an entirely new facet to your pool area and will bring it to life.

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