How to Jazz up Landscape around Your Chain Link Fence

Jazz up Landscape around Your Chain Link Fence

However beautiful and well-maintained your chain link fencing may be, it can look a little foursquare and anonymous. Interesting and colorful plants and flowers are ideal to jazz up the area around your fencing, and to make your outdoor area both beautiful and individual.

  • Ideal Spacing It's important not to site plants too close to your fencing, as they can cause damage. A good rule of thumb is to leave the same distance between plant and fence as you would between each plant.

    Of course, if you're planting for the express purpose of growing up your chain link fencing, then blossoming vines can provide you with a living fence in a relatively short time. Both Wisteria and Clematis are good choices, with tendrils that curl around your fencing.

  • Tall Shrubs and Bushes If your aim is to obscure your fence altogether over time, then shrubs, bushes, and even small trees are a good choice for you. A rhododendron bush of average height provides a fragrant and hardy cover, and small trees which reach a height of 10 feet or under not only give cover, but provide a home for songbirds. These tricks will make lovely additions to your garden. Conifers and small fruit trees suitable for your local climate are perfect choices.

  • Flowers Of course there are some flowers that can put on enough of a growth spurt to cover chain link fencing. Sunflowers are not only a beautiful burst of bright yellow in your garden, but they can also reach heights of up to 10 feet. Again, they will attract not just birds, but other garden visitors such as squirrels.

    Your decision will depend entirely upon how quickly you want your cover to take effect, and what result you wish to achieve.

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