Iron Fence: The Best Bet to Enhance Your Home Security

Iron fencing has several advantages over similar types of wood fencing. Not only does it add to a home's curb appeal, it also increases the homes' value. Although an iron fence does not ensure privacy, it does protect against unwanted intruders.

Iron fences are harder to climb and allow an intruder few places to hide. A homeowner must consider their needs before deciding on which type of fence they want to install.

Iron Fence

How an Iron Fence Is Better than a Wooden Fence:

  • Less likely to be compromised A tall iron fence is harder to climb than a wooden fence and has fewer places for an intruder to gain a good foothold. The bars and iron components do not bend easily and cannot be pried apart like wooden slats.

    Unlike a wooden fence, there is no way to cut out or break through a section to gain entrance. Iron fences are made of sections that are welded together. The strength of an iron fence is found in the number and size of the welds that hold it together.

  • Solid Construction How a fence is constructed determines how sturdy and reliable it will be. Wooden panels are attached to posts and can be compromised with enough force and leverage.

    An iron fence, however, has panels that are welded to one another. Because the welds are also made of metal, there is much less risk of the connections being broken. This increases the sturdiness and strength of the fence as a whole.

    Iron fences offer more protection per square foot than wood fences. Metal itself is substantially stronger than other materials used to make fences. It is not affected by fire or the elements and is much harder to damage.

    Metal fences can withstand high winds and other types of natural disasters without being weakened or loosened from the structure.

  • Cost Effective Iron fences are more expensive than wood but are well worth the investment. In addition to raising the home's overall value, it improves the look of the home and increases the level of security.

    Many insurance companies will offer discounted premiums to homeowners who have an iron fence installed around their property.

    With a metal fence in place, there is less risk of loss due to a break in or theft. A metal fence will often outlast its wooden counterpart by several years.

    While wood can become damaged due to continued exposure to the elements; iron remains strong and sturdy for decades. As a wooden fence ages, parts may have to be replaced due to deterioration and rotting.

    As long as an iron fence is painted and the metal is protected, rust will not be able to take hold and cause damage.

Uses for Iron Fences:

  • It Adds Security Iron fences offer protection in a variety of ways. They can be used as conventional fencing and placed around entire yards. An iron fence can also be used to secure a swimming pool or backyard patio area.

    If a cement or brick enclosure exists, adding an iron gate can increase security and enhance the look of the home. Using tamper-proof fasteners, latches, and locks to secure the gate will also increase security around the property.

  • It Enhances the Look of Your Home An iron fence can also be installed to create a specific look. A homeowner who wants to increase the value of their home or make it more stylish can install an iron fence. Iron fences can create unique designs and tooling that match the overall concept of the home and other buildings on the property.

What Homeowners Should Keep in Mind

Homeowners who live in gated communities must comply with strict guidelines when making improvements to their property. Fences must be of a certain height, made of specific materials, and comply with any unique requirements the Homeowners' Association has included in the community's by laws.

If a homeowner is deciding on the type of fence they want, they may have to submit a letter of intent to the Association so their choice can be approved.

Iron fences add beauty and style to a home. The overall construction and durability of a metal fence makes it a cost effective choice, especially when insurance premiums and replacement/repair costs are factored in. The amount of protection an iron fence offers cannot be matched when compared to a wooden fence. No matter why a metal fence is chosen, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Ornamental Iron Fencing


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