How Fencing Helps in Reducing Your Homeowner Insurance Cost

Fencing is mostly thought of as a way to protect a family's privacy. It also protects the property from intruders by offering a level of security that many insurance companies appreciate. Because a fence can reduce the risk of financial loss, many insurance companies will offer their policy holders discounted rates if they have installed fencing.

Reduce the risk of financial loss by installing fencing - La Habra Fence Company

To receive the discounts, insurance companies may require that a newly installed fence meet certain requirements:


A fence must be at least four feet high with less than a two inch gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. It must be built in such a way that it cannot be climbed or scaled.

Fencing Materials and Installation

Choose fencing materials like chain link, wire and iron. Sturdy materials must be used, such as solid wood panels, cement pavers, or brick and mortar. The fence must be properly installed with each post buried underground to an appropriate depth.

Gates and Latches

A self-closing gate is required, as well a child safe latch that is placed out of reach of small children. Self-closing gates protect from intruders and child-safe latches prevent small children from wandering out of the yard.


Although it is not specified in most policies as a requirement, reducing the visibility into the lawn is also the key in preventing loss. People who can see into the property are better able to tell if you are on vacation or if you have bought new items. Reducing visibility will also prevent predators from viewing your family during gatherings.

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