High Tensile Wire Fence: All You Want to Know

Aug 16, 2017

Wire Fencing

High Tensile Wire Fence: All You Want to Know

Everybody knows the main purpose of a fence is to keep intruders off your property and to clearly mark property lines. However, there are lots of different fences out there, and if you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you might not be quite sure which one to pick in order to best protect your property.

One of the best options that you have at your disposal is wire fencing. In particular, we’re talking about high tensile wire fencing designed to last for many years and remain durable through bad weather. Unlike many types of fencing, high tensile wire fencing is designed to stand the test of time, and you really will get your money’s worth.

Use this guide to learn more about this type of fencing, what its benefits are, and why you should be using it.

The Basics of Wire Fence Low carbon wire is the typical stuff you see around a child’s playground, middle school, or a business in the inner city. This type of fencing isn’t particularly secure, but because it’s designed only to create a boundary, it doesn’t need to stand up to lots of abuse over the course of time.

The other type of wire fencing is high tensile, meaning it is made with higher carbon steel. This helps to make the wire a whole lot stronger, allowing the material to stretch further without being damaged or weakened.

High tensile fencing also means that a lesser diameter is needed for the same strength, making high tensile wire fencing look a little bit different than the average chain link fence like you might find near a public park.

What Are the Benefits of High Tensile Wire Fence? High tensile wire fencing offers many benefits as compared to other traditional fencing.

  • Cost-Effective

    Using this type of high carbon fencing is ideal because it costs less to install than many of the other types of fencing out there. This lower cost is due to the fact that less of the material is needed because of the added strength and ability to span longer stretches without the need for many support columns along the way.

  • Stronger and Efficient Barrier

    High tensile wire is also considerably stronger, making it much harder for thieves and wrong-doers to cut and access your property. This is incredibly important if you’re dealing with valuable resources, even if you’re not guarding gold or some other precious material. After all, high tensile fencing is generally only used in business, industrial and agricultural applications.

  • Easy to Install

    Another major benefit of high tensile fencing is that it takes a little bit less time to install and is easier on the installers because of its lighter weight. When you’re dealing with many acres that need to be fenced off, this can cut down the job’s cost by a very large amount. In some cases, high tensile fencing can help save thousands of dollars in work costs simply for installing a fence!

  • Less Maintenance

    High tensile fencing also has a very long lifespan, and properly treated fencing of this type can easily last for 40 years. Very little care is needed to make sure high tensile fencing lasts this long or longer.

Who Uses This Type of Fencing? High tensile wire fencing is used in a variety of different applications today.

  • Agricultural Industry

    One of the biggest users is the agricultural industry, and they often use it to block off large portions of farmland to keep intruders out and animals reigned in. In general, they use it because it can’t be easily destroyed, and that is ideal when you’re dealing with hundreds of acres, making regular fence inspection a little bit more difficult.

  • Military and Commercial Industry

    Other users of high tensile fencing include military applications like bases, as well as manufacturing plants and commercial businesses. Because high tensile fencing is so secure and it doesn’t need to be replaced often, it is an ideal fence type for anybody with something to protect and the desire to keep the same fencing for years to come.

Things to Keep in Mind While Installing a High Tensile Wire Fence Here are a few important things you should consider while installing a high tensile wire fence:

  • It is important to choose the right post size and spacing. Make sure that the posts are five to six inches in diameter. Don't install posts less than five inches.

  • Brace the corners or ends. Place two fence posts four feet into the ground and keep them eight feet apart. Place a horizontal pole between these posts strengthened by a diagonal wire. This helps in creating a strong corner.

  • The most popular design of high tensile wire fence is a five wire fence in which posts are placed every 24 feet and have two wires electrified.

Contact us at (562) 697-4216 to learn more about installing high tensile wire fences. Also Read: Why You Should Prefer Barbed Wire Fence Installation Also Read: Fence Installation: How to Make the Right Decision

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