Fence Etiquette: What You Need to Know As a Good Neighbor

Fencing for your front yard can be effective at keeping trespassers off your property, but it can also create issues with neighbors. After all, not all neighbors have the same idea about aesthetics and what you do to your property could affect the value of other homes on the block.

Here are some good neighbor policies to think about when considering a fence company to install fencing:

  • Zoning Regulations Make sure you have an understanding of the zoning regulations in your neighborhood. You can find out by going to your local government website and searching for information or contacting the agency in charge of zoning.

    A fence company must get proper permits to install residential fencing. Your neighborhood may have certain restrictions on fence height.

  • Property Lines Be sure to double check your property boundaries, so that you are not accidentally building a fence outside your property lines. You can verify this information with a land surveyor.

    Keep in mind that a fence company usually builds fences a foot inside the boundary line. Even if a fence were built a few inches outside the property line, a neighbor can demand that you tear the fence down.

  • Home Owner Association Rules If you belong to a home owner association, be sure to consult with them before approaching a fence company so that you are aware of the rules. They may not allow certain types of fencing such as chain link, iron, or wire fencing.

    They may also have rules about style and height for fencing. A fence installer is not required to know this information, so it is your responsibility.

  • Letting Neighbors Know About Your Plans It's a good idea to first talk with neighbors about your fencing plans. Let them know your fencing design and how you will maintain it.

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