Expert Tips to Repair and Maintain Your Fences

The fence you use around your home or business gives you a lot of privacy and makes your space feel much more secure. That’s why most people have fences installed in the first place, and when it comes to commercial settings, fences are often an essential part of any safety regime.

Maintain Your Fences

However, even the best fences can take some abuse over the years, and if you’re in a commercial setting they’re even more likely to get damaged. People aren’t the only cause of fence damage though, and weather is a major culprit when it comes to the need for chain link fence repair.

Most people simply don’t understand chain link fence repair though, even if they are running a commercial business. That’s why many people simply opt to have new chain link fences installed when segments get too damaged.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of chain link fence repair. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and learn a valuable new skill that you can use for years to come.

Locate the Damaged Area The first step to taking on chain link fence repair on your own is to figure out which part of the fence is damaged. In most cases, it is worthwhile to repair any fence that isn’t more than 25% damaged and the other parts don’t have decay.

Once you’ve located the damaged area you need to measure it to figure out how much fence you’re going to need for the repair job. You may also want to consider getting some help with the fence if you’re going to tackle a large segment. That can be somewhat difficult to do on your own.

Do you need to replace damaged posts as well? If you do, this will be the first part of your task, so don’t forget about it.

Will Cleaning Work? One of the biggest reasons people replace their fences, from chain link fence to vinyl and wood fencing is that they simply look bad. This can be embarrassing in a home or business setting, so it’s no surprise that replacements are essential.

However, in many cases you may be able to simply clean any fence that you have. Starting with a scrub brush and a cleaning solvent that works for your material is the best way to begin the project.

If that doesn’t work you may want to move on to pressure washing your fence. Pressure washing can remove surface dirt and all sorts of rust to make your fence look practically new again. You can even rent the machines.

Remove Damaged Sections Before you can start to really fix the part of the fence with the damage you’re going to need to remove the desired portion. When it comes to chain link fence, you’re likely going to need to either remove a whole segment or cut away the damaged portion. In general, if the damaged portion is more than 20 feet in diameter, you will likely be better off simply getting a new fence instead of repairing it.

If you need to repair a very small portion of chain link fence use cutters to simply remove the damaged area. Make sure you protect your hands with high-quality gloves designed for heavy work like this. Otherwise, you could end up with a problematic injury down the road.

Posts First In many cases, you’re going to need to replace a damaged post or two as part of the fence repair job. This usually isn’t a big deal, but it can be difficult if the post has been cemented into the ground or is very deep because of a commercial-style fence.

If you can, start by removing the part of the chain link fence that is damaged and then remove the post from the ground. That way you can build up the appropriate section of the fence with the right material.

Lubricate the Hinges

If you've installed a gate on your chain link fence, you need to make sure that the hinges of the gate are rust free. If there would be rust on the hinges, it may lead to breakage of the post near hinges and result in difficulty while opening and closing the gate. Apply oil on these hinges on a regular basis to keep them rust free.

Regular Maintenance

Develop the habit of regularly maintaining your chain link fences for minor problems. You should keep a look on the pickets and palings and replace them whenever the need be as it's simple enough to do it yourself. If you are regularly maintaining your fences, it'll lower the risk of any serious damage and it'll be cost effective as well.

Hire Licensed Contractors

Structural repair work involves the overall stability of your fence and it's a bit complex for non-professionals to work on it. So hiring a professional and licensed fence repair contractor is really important when it comes to structural repair of your fence as they are well trained for it.

If you can, start by removing the part of the chain link fence that is damaged and then remove the post from the ground. That way you can build up the appropriate section of the fence with the right material.

Does your fence need any kind of repair services? Contact us for expert consultation for your fence repair and maintenance!

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