Decorative Plants and Shrubs to Beautify Your Fence

Fences can be boring and drab. So many home owners choose to decorate them with various types of shrubs, trees, and flowering plants. There are many plants that are often used in place of traditional fencing. In most cases, the plants are positioned close to the fence to add a double layer of security while beautifying the fence row.

Decorate your fence with plants and shrubs

Here are some of the plants and shrubs that enhance the security as well as beauty of your fence:

Cedar Trees

Use Cedar Trees for Fencing

While it can take many years for a cedar tree to reach maturity, they add beauty to fence rows and make an ideal boundary when trying to divide one section of property from another. They grow extremely tall and have been used for centuries as an effective border.

Bamboo Plants

Use Bamboo Plants for Fencing

Larger varieties of bamboo have been used for fencing in Asia for centuries. It will grow most anywhere and its extremely sturdy shoots act as a deterrent for intruders. They do not give or bend easily and they are difficult to climb.

English Ivy

Cover your fence with English Ivy

English ivy is a beautiful creeping vine that grows extremely fast and will cover a fence in a short period of time. It can be found throughout England, climbing the sides of buildings and covering fences. It grows easily in most climates and is very decorative.

Japanese Holly

Decorate your fence with Japanese Holly

Japanese holly is an ideal shrub to be used for fencing or to decorate a fence row. It grows very tall and has thorny stems that make it difficult to climb or maneuver through. When placed next to a fence, it provides an extra layer of security.

American Holly

Beautify your fence with American Holly

Where Japanese holly is tall, American holly is wide. It is extremely dense and offers maximum security. This type of holly, however, can grow rather quickly and will eventually take over an area if not trimmed on a regular basis.

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