Beautify and Hide Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are one of the safest, most versatile, and widely used fence systems in this  day and age. It is the best fencing option for people who consider security as one of their major requirements. If you think you need to compromise on your property's aesthetics by installing a chain link fence, you are wrong. There are many ways a plain, boring chain link fence can look attractive and vibrant.

Paint Your Chain Link Fence

Painting is a simple, cost efficient method by which you can enhance your chain link fence's look. You can use a roller with 1 or 1 ½ inch nap to cover the chain mesh. For painting the fence posts and other hardware, you can use an ordinary brush. Spraying is also an option provided. The most appropriate color for painting your chain link fence will be black, brown or dark green so it will easily blend with its background.

Use Fence Slats

Using fence slats is another way you can improve the appearance of your chain link fence. Some of the materials you can use for your fence slats are aluminum, polyethylene, and wood. Remember to correctly measure your chain link fence's height and mesh size before you buy slats for it. Also, measure the gauge of wire used in the fence diagonally. 

Beautify and hide chain link fence infographic

To make your chain link fence look more appealing, paint it with the same color as the slats used. This will give it a more appealing monochrome look. You can also consider adding stimulated hedges to your chain link fence. These hedges are amazingly durable and usually come with a ten-year satisfaction guarantee.

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