Why an Automated Gate Gives You Extra Security

Do you want to feel safe in your own home when it comes to your front gate? While manually opened gates can provide some protection and exterior appeal to your home, there is a better solution through an automated gate. Metal fence gates with the option of being automatically opened through a certain trigger are on the rise but how can they help you?

Automated Gate

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider the automated gate:

Ease of Use

With manual gates, you will need to park your car and then open the gate only having to park again in order to close the gate. After a long day or even during bad weather, one of the last things you want to do is to get out of your car, open a big metal gate, driving forward, parking and then getting out again in order to ensure the gate is locked and secure behind you.

Wouldn't you rather have the ease of a smartphone app, access card, or keypad so your gate will open automatically?

Extra Protection

Why is an automated gate so much more secure than a manually opened gate? Automatic gates will close and lock by themselves, so you don't have to ever wonder or worry if you remembered to close the gate.

Metal fence gates that are automated also happen to be stronger and sturdier compared to a manual gate. They can also come installed with cameras and alarm systems for heightened security.

Beautiful Scenery

There are limitless options for the decor and architecture of an automated gate. You can have a modern looking gate or something more traditional. Whatever you choose, you can work with your installer to make sure everything looks perfect.

Access Control

An automatic gate allows you to control who and when others can access your property. This is helpful when you are away from home and have to let in caretakers, delivery people, or repair workers.  


An automatic gate can be integrated with your communication or security system, helping you get notification immediately when an intruder attempts to gain entry to your home. 

Keeps Unauthorized Vehicles Out

Some people use others’ driveways as a turnaround, but you can keep such unauthorized vehicles away from using your driveway with an automatic electric gate. 


Automatic gates give you the convenience of not having to open your home’s entrance physically. In addition, automatic gates include various security measures to lock/unlock the gate, such as a remote control card reader, keypads, and others.

Aesthetic Appeal and Security

An automatic gate could be a nice decoration for your property and protect your home from possible unwanted intrusions. Therefore, it is essential to have an automated gate that remains an unbreakable obstacle to intruders, thus increasing your property's security, beauty, and resale value.  

Enhanced Safety

If you have young children or pets, you will likely spend more time supervising them to make sure they stay away from the road. However, an automated gate keeps your children and pets within a safe boundary. 

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Ron Frazelle

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