8 Creative DIY Ideas for Decorating Your Fence

Fencing not only marks the boundary of your property, it also gives your home character and depth. A beautiful fence can make your property stand out without compromising security and privacy.

You can embellish your mundane fence and make it the cynosure of all eyes, even it is just a chain link fence.

Incorporate these 8 creative DIY ideas for decorating your fence:

  1. Tin Can Planters Today, there is a lot of emphasis on recycling and up cycling. One of the best ways to up cycle tin cans is by converting them into planters. Paint the cans in vibrant colors, make a drainage hole at the bottom, fill with soil, and hang them on your fence.

  2. Fence Art Let your creativity come to life. Use your fence as a blank canvas and use it to paint eye-catching and vibrantly colored art. Stunning sunflowers, serene lake views, and flying birds are some of the things you can paint on your fence to make it lively and artistic.

  3. Marble Embellishment You can use your kids’ marbles to embellish your fence and give it a quaint, quirky appearance. Just drill small holes in the fence randomly and insert the marbles with the help of a wooden mallet. It will make your fence sparkle when the light hits the marbles.

  4. Planter Boxes You can hang a wooden planter on your fence. Make a square box and nail it to the inside of your fence. Then place pots in these planters depending on the season. Not only will you be able to enjoy greenery throughout the year, it will also give your fence some color and personality.

  5. Metal Wheel Cover Art Typically old metal wheel covers are discarded. However, if you have a creative side, you can use these covers to make beautiful flowers and affix them to your fence.

  6. Peek Holes While most of us want a fence for the security and privacy it provides, you may have a four-legged family member who wants to gaze at the outside world. Make a peephole in the fence that allows Fido to peer out. Just line the wood with something soft to prevent his fur from getting snagged.

  7. Bird Houses Who says bird house should be mounted on a pole or hung from a branch? A chain link fence does not have to be plain. You can mount colorful bird houses to your chain link fence to make it look more than just a fence!

  8. Galvanized Buckets If you have galvanized buckets in your garage or garden shed, put them to good use. Convert these buckets into flower hangers. Fix these flower hangers to a piece of lumber and then nail it to your fence. Finally, place colorful flowers in these unique and innovative flower pots.

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Ron Frazelle

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