6 Simple Landscaping Ideas for Your Security Fence

Fencing is a key element in maintaining the security of your home. Landscaping is also beneficial and can be used in conjunction with fencing to add a higher level of security and privacy to your home. From the type of materials to how the fence looks from the outside, every aspect is important.

Security Fence

Here are 6 landscaping ideas you can use for your security fence:

  1. Secure Gates

    Installing a decorative gate that can be sufficiently secured is the key to limiting easy access to your lawn and property.
  2. Thorny Plants

    On the inside of your fence, you want to plant a deterrent. Instead of offering a soft landing, you want to make sure any intruder has a very uncomfortable landing. Evergreen shrubs, saw greenbrier plants, cacti and catclaw mimosa all have thorns or leaves that are extremely “sticky”.
  3. Visually Intimidating

    Create a fence that is intimidating. Place decorations within your landscaped areas that will offer a challenge. Trellises, large planters, and decorative stakes can all be used to create a prohibitive appearance.
  4. Sturdy Materials

    Sturdy materials such as cement pavers, brick, stone, and wrought iron are extremely durable and can withstand quite a bit of force. Using these materials to construct your fencing and create your landscaped areas will help keep your home secure.
  5. Strong Construction

    Making sure to bury the posts deeply enough so that they cannot be bent or pulled out is important. You can also install electric fencing along the top of the traditional fence and along the edges of your landscaping. It can be turned off and on as needed.
  6. Lighting

    Proper lighting also improves security. Placing lights along the fence and within landscaped areas will help to keep areas of the lawn visible.
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Security Fences


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