Simple Ideas to Renovate Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are not the most attractive thing to have in your yard, but their usefulness, ease of installation and maintenance make them necessary. You can give your chain link fence a makeover and renovate it to make it look more appealing. All you need is a little creativity!

Chain Link Fence

Here are 6 simple ideas to give your chain fence link a whole new look:

Use Picnic Cups

This is not a new idea, but it really works! You can use them to create cool designs and add some much-needed style to your chain link fence. You can also use square plastic inserts. These inserts are made for chain link fences and come in different colors.

Add Chain Link Fence Slats

Chain link fence slats are attractive and strong which make them ideal for chain link fence renovations.
These are produced by manufacturers of chain link fences and come in different colors. You can use them in a number of ways to give your home a little privacy.

Plant Climbers and Vines

This is a great way to renovate your fence. Climbers and vines add color to your fence and beautify the area. Plants like morning glory or honeysuckle are great choices as they grow fast, so you do not have to wait long to cover your fence.

Go for Reed Screens

This is another way to cover up your chain link fence. Reed screens look elegant and stylish. They are really simple to install over your fence and are usually installed vertically. These screens offer privacy and stay attractive for a year or two.  

Attach Bamboo Screening

Another creative and attractive way to renovate your chain link fence is to use bamboo screening. They are simple to attach to the fence, look natural, and are inexpensive as well. Full bamboo screens are a great option to give your yard a tropical look. 

Affix Wooden Fence Panels

Wooden fence panels are great to give you a little privacy. They are durable, weather-resistant, and can be easily attached to your chain link fence. These panels make your fence look natural and different which helps in increasing its curb appeal.

Add Trellis

Adding trellis to your chain link fence helps you hang some beautiful plants and flowers, creating a lively atmosphere on your premises. You can also hang flowers that add pops of color to the trellis for a more vibrant look.   

Put on Weatherproof Mesh

The best way to camouflage your chain link fence is by attaching dark green weatherproof mesh. While blocking the wind, the mesh helps to block views in and out of your fence, increasing your privacy. 

Hang Decorations

Hanging some decorations is a great way to transform the look of your chain link fence, making your property stand out. It is your choice to decorate your fence either all year round or decorate it specifically for celebrating events like Christmas, New Year, Thanks Giving, etc. 

Attach Artificial Hedge Rolls

If you want to add plants but have no time to take care of them, an artificial hedge is one solution. While providing little extra privacy, these hedge rolls add some colors to your fence, creating a beautiful yard. 

Go for Planter Boxes

Another way to add some elegance to your yard is to hang planter boxes (flower boxes). You can hang them along the top of your chain link fence and then hang down some trailing flowers or vines to make your fence look more attractive.  

Install Fabric Panels

Fabric panels printed with masonry such as ledge stone and brick or realistic foliage block 85% light with sufficient air penetration to reduce wind loading. 

Use these ideas to dress up your chain link fence and make your lawn beautiful. 

Chain Link Fencing


Ron Frazelle

Ron Frazelle is the Project Manager of La Habra Fence Company, a leading provider and installer of chain link fencing in Southern California for over 65 years. Ron is committed to providing the best customer service, high quality products and quick project completion at the best overall value for his clients. La Habra Fence Company offers a wide variety of fencing options, including chain link fences, ornamental iron fences, security cages and security gates.