6 Safety Tips for Home Owners While Removing an Old Fence

If you are planning improvements to your property or plan on performing chain link fence repair, there are a few things you should remember before you get started. Once you get done preparing for the job, the actual tear down will be quick and relatively easy.

  • Contact utility companies – Always make sure to contact utility companies to find out if there are any buried power or sewer lines. Removing and resetting new posts can be a problem, if they lie in close proximity to utility lines.

  • Always where gloves and safety glasses – Before picking up any tool, always make sure your hands and eyes are protected. Flying debris can damage your eyes causing temporary or permanent blindness. Even if you are not close to the area where the chain link fence repair is taking place, it is still a good idea to wear your gloves and safety glasses.

  • Plan the tear down – Plan the tear down so you don't end up with a dangerous situation. No in what order you plan on removing certain pieces and brace the fence appropriately so it doesn't fall and injure you or someone else.

  • Make sure you own the fence – Because fences are not always built to code, part of your fence may belong to a neighbor. Check property records before you start moving any part of the fence.

  • Have the necessary equipment – Make sure you have the equipment you need to move heavy pieces of cement and other items that may be too heavy to lift otherwise.

  • Dispose of the old fence – Talk to city officials and find out how and where you can dispose of your old fence. You may face fines if you dispose of it improperly.

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