6 Delightful Christmas Decoration Ideas for Outdoors

Who says decorating your home for the holidays is a boring job? There are several things you can do to spice up your home for the holidays. Take traditional decorations a step further and create your own winter wonderland.

  1. Light the Way Use small lighted Christmas trees to line your walkways. Luminaries, can also be used to create a lighted pathway and add a holiday feel to your lawn.

  2. Decorate the Door Decorate your front door with garland and other Christmasy effects. Instead of a wreath, hang a hand painted sign or decoration that has a cute saying or snowman picture.

  3. Wreaths Galore Wreaths don't have to be used only on the front door. Hang them along the fence and on light posts. Let each member of the family decorate their own wreath. Have everyone hang their creation in a unique place to accent the entire lawn.

  4. Santas, Sleds and Snowmen! Santas and snowmen are always welcome on a lawn decorated for the holidays. Include a few hand painted sleds for fun and a wintery touch. Cut out and paint the cardboard Santas, sleds, snowmen and snowflakes and hang them from trees throughout the yard and along the fence.

  5. Accent Lights Place Christmas lights around potted plants and lamp posts for a decorative touch. Use rope lights to set off landscaped areas and fence lines. Use different colors for a more festive feel. You can also set them with a timer so they go on and off with the rising and setting of the sun.

  6. Musical Lights If you put Christmas lights in your home and add lighted sculptures, set them to music so the neighbors can enjoy the snow show. Lights set to respond to lively Christmas music makes for a great attraction and the kids love it!

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