5 Fascinating Custom Metal Fence Ideas

Metal fencing can be both decorative as well as secure. Metal fences can be customized to include many different looks and styles that will accentuate almost any home's exterior décor. While the basic structure is the same, the other elements of the fence can all be altered to create a new and unique look.

Decorative Wrought Iron Fence

Here are 5 fascinating custom metal fence ideas:

  1. Decorative Wrought Iron: Decorative wrought iron can be used on its own or as a top cap or railing along brick or stone fencing. The addition of wrought iron adds slimness to the fence that gives it a more delicate and refined appearance.

  2. Overgrown Trellises: Trellises can be added as a framework for a gate or other type of opening within the fence. Trellises are unique because when they are made of iron or metal, but climbing plants can almost consume them, completely concealing the metal materials from view.

  3. Sheet Metal and Post: The sheet metal and post style is similar to a chain link fence with woven bands through the holes. The difference being that the holes are much larger and run parallel to the ground. The sheet metal is woven between the posts in a pattern much like a bedspread or upholstery fabric.

  4. Grate Style Panel Fencing: Grate style panel fencing works much like a wooden panel fence only the panels are made from metal grating material. The small openings are ideal if you want to allow climbing plants to begin a journey up the wall, or you can landscape the area and use the grating to hang a light system to accentuate certain areas of the project.

  5. Post and Cable: The post and cable type fence is the least secure, it can be the most beautiful if you find the right type of vine or other climbing plant to place near it.

  6. Corrugated Metal Fencing: The corrugated metal fence is coated and helps resist rust and weathering. This fence can be used for absolute privacy and installed vertically or horizontally. You can protect your backyard with a multicolor fence at an affordable rate. 

  7. Climbers Wall Fencing: This fine-looking climbing wall fence upholds its beauty even in the off-season. This helps your flower and vegetable plants by providing them with optimum growing support. Keep trimming the plants to prevent them from becoming heavy.

  8. Horizontal Slats Fencing: The horizontal slats fencing can help cover your backyard without suffocating your plants. Slats fencing Never goes out of trend.

  9. Hard Symmetrical Concrete Fencing: The hard symmetrical concrete fencing can be the most durable among all fences. It requires little to no maintenance and periodic cleaning.

  10. Bamboo Barrier Fence: The bamboo barrier fencing is suitable if you want to get into the vacation spirit just by stepping into your backyard. It is two times stronger than wood and is termite-resistant.

Ornamental Iron Fencing


Ron Frazelle

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