5 Easy Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are easy to maintain in comparison to other fence materials. They are one of the best options for any yard or open space because of their durability and price. The relative ease in maintenance is what has helped chain link fencing gain its popularity among users. But under the harsh weather conditions of winter,even this low maintenance fence requires certain care for longevity.

Chain Link Fence

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Here are some easy maintenance tips which you can follow during the winter to get the longest life out of your chain link fence:

  1. Remove Unwanted Plant Growth Near Fence Keep an eye on the growth of shrubs, vines, grasses, creepers and other such plants. You won’t have to do as much pruning as it's not the growing season. But you still need to thoroughly watch out for unwanted growth because sometimes, these plants can even manage to grow between panels of the fence.
  2. Wash Off All the Debris You can use power washers, garden hoes, or a plain bucket of soap and water to get rid of the dirt and dust on the fence. It's really necessary to wash off the dirt because it can lead to rust.
  3. Check for Any Defaults Check for any damaged things like broken wires, wraps or splits. Problems like these are quite uncommon,but it's better to pay attention because these issues will only get worse in bad weather.
  4. Remove Scuff and Marks Use soap and hot water solutions to remove these leftover paint marks because they look really unpleasant and can even lead to rusting spots on the fence.
  5. Rusting Spots Treatment of rusting spots is really important to ensure the longevity of the fence. You can use rust inhibiting agents and metal primers to get rid of rust.

Maintenance is an ongoing effort regardless of the weather. Use these simple fence maintenance tips during the winter to increase the durability of your fences.

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