5 Easy Tips to Take Care of Your Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is a great choice if you are looking for a fencing option that is durable and requires little maintenance. However, some maintenance is required to make it last longer. You need to take care of your chain link fence so that it can withstand the elements and can last for years to come.

Chain Link Fence

Here are 5 easy maintenance tips you should follow to get the most out of your chain link fence:

  1. Wash Away the Dirt
  2. It's important to keep your chain link fence clean so that it can look new and fresh in every season. Wash it with a garden hose, use soapy water and a brush to clean the dirt and grime. You can use also borax mixed with water to clean the fence. Rinse the fence properly after cleaning and scrubbing it.

  3. Fight the Rust Off
  4. Without a proper coating, your chain link fence becomes susceptible to rust due to moisture, rain, snow or morning dew. You can fight the rust off by applying a protective coat of rust-resistant finish. This will help you save money and maintenance time in the long run.

  5. Check the Hinges
  6. If your chain link fence has a gate, ensure that its hinges are free from rust. You can apply oil on the hinges to prevent them from rusting. Otherwise, a rusty hinge would make it difficult to open and close the gate.

  7. Look for Loose Nails or Screws
  8. Check whether there are any loose nails, screws or bolts on your chain link fence. They can cause a greater damage to your fence if you will not fix them on time. You should tighten all the loose screws and nails.

  9. Remove Shrubs, Vines and Trees
  10. Removal of unwanted shrubs, vines and other greenery around your fence on a regular basis is important to prevent damage to your fence. Also, trim grass and weeds around the fence to check for any damage or holes in the ground.

  11. Regular Physical Checks
  12. Inspect your fence regularly to look for any signs of damage and repair them before they turn into a major issue. Check whether the posts are upright or leaning. You should reset all the leaning posts to make sure your fence is firm and strong enough to withstand all the natural elements.

    Keeping your chain link fence clean and well maintained will pay off in the long run in form of a great looking fence for many more years.

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Chain Link Fencing


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