5 Easy Tips to Improve the Security Around Your Fence

Your fence is the first line of security for your home or commercial property. That doesn't mean that it should be the only means of security for your property. There are several things you can do to increase the benefits of having a fence and make it easier to protect your home and family from intruders. By completing these 5 simple tasks, you can improve the security around your fence with an ease.

  1. Install Field Cameras Installing field cameras that turn on with motion detectors will provide you with a clear picture of what is going on by your fence. If they are placed correctly and lined up properly, you should be able to see both sides of your fence as well as your entire backyard.

    Field Cameras Installation
  2. Perform Regular Inspections Check your fence regularly for any weakened or damaged areas. With proper maintenance, you will be able to catch minor problems before they require major repairs. Inspecting your fence every month or so will help you stay on top of your fence maintenance.

  3. Perform Regular Inspections
  4. Limit Visibility Fences can limit visibility or they can create a simple boundary. If you want to limit visibility, you can plant bushes or trees along the fence. You can also landscape areas inside the fence row to limit visibility. Use bushes or flowering plants that produce thick, dense foliage to hinder visibility.

  5. Limit Visibility for Fence
  6. Install Motion Activated Lighting Much like motion activated cameras, lights that turn on when motion is detected are excellent for scaring off prowlers. If they are placed correctly, the lights will turn on before intruders get close to your fence.

  7. Install Motion Activated Lighting
  8. Keep Objects Away From The Fence Row Intruders will try to stand on anything stable enough to hold their weight. Keep objects away from the fence row to prevent them from getting a foothold.

  9. Keep Objects Away from Fence Row

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