Easy Steps to Install Chain Link Fence Slats

Want more privacy in your yard, but don’t want to install a new fence? Then chain link fence slats might be one of the best options for you. If you install chain link fence slats to the existing fence, they will provide you privacy with the same fence.

Chain Link Fence Slats

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But before you go ahead with the chain link fence slats installation, you should do research about the process. Each and every step should be carefully observed.

Here are 5 easy steps to install chain link fence slats :

Dig Several Holes for Posts

Dig holes 26 inches deep and 6 inches wide using the post hole digger. Gravel foundation in each hole should be atleast 4 inches deep. Several holes should be dug at once.

Install Posts and End Caps

Pour ready mix concrete into the holes. Try to install the post in the wet concrete and pour some more concrete into the hole to keep the post straight. Slide tension bands onto the posts and use a rubber mallet to install the end caps onto the posts.

Stretch Your Chain Link Mesh

Put tension bars into the fence and fasten the tension bars to the tension bands of the first post. A fence puller could be used to stretch the chain mesh till you get it tight. Continue to fasten it to the bands.

Install the Chain Link Fence Slats

Simply drive the fence slats down through the fence until they reach the ground.

Connect All the Fence Slats

Use a locking strip on the top of the fence to connect all the fence slats together. Once you have installed the first fence slat and connected it to the locking strip, continue down the fence installing other fence slats at the length determined by the locking strip. Attach the slat to the strip as you slide it down. Continue this process until it is finished.

What are Chain Link Fence Slats?

A metal component that fits into a chain link fence is known as a chain link fence slat. The majority of slats are made of aluminum. Chain link fence slats provide privacy, security, wind protection, and improved aesthetics. They are an extremely long-lasting metal component that can be used for many years. Slats can be used for a variety of purposes other than privacy. They may be mixed and matched in various colors to create patterns.

Fences slatted over fifty years ago are still intact and provide protection today. When slats deteriorate, they can be replaced one at a time.

Extend the Longevity and Appeal of Your Chain Link Fence Slats

To extend the life of your chain link fence slats, use the same precautions you would with any other fence on your property. This guide will assist you in keeping your new chain link fence slats in good working order for as long as possible.

Don’t Use Your Fence Slat for Climbing Plants

While chain link fencing slats might be a perfect climbing source for vine plants when tied to your home or a tree, utilizing it to encourage plant growth around your property can damage it. Plants can cause your slats to rise from their posts as it grows, or they might weigh it down, weakening, bending, or even breaking free of their base.

Don’t Let Children and Pets Climb the Fence Slats

Although chain link fence slats are tough and can survive a variety of weather conditions, they may quickly degrade when children or pets jump on them or climb them. The links that connect the posts to the fence slats might come loose, causing your slats to slump.

Repair the Slats If Needed

If your chain link fence slats break, fix them as quickly as possible. The entire construction of your fence might be jeopardized by loose components in one section. If your fence slats are drooping or have wide-open holes, a fencing contractor can replace or repair individual wires or propose replacing entire portions of your structure.

You can maintain your chain link fence slats for a long time if you take care of them. But before you go ahead with the chain link fence slats installation, you should do research about the process. Each and every step should be carefully observed.

After this process is over, you will have more privacy and you will still be able to see through the fence.

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