10 Brick Iron Fence Designs to Add Elegance to Your Property

Brick and iron are two of the strongest materials used in fencing. They are durable and exceptionally beautiful when used in an ornate and decorative manner. They can provide maximum security both on a visual and structural level.

10 Brick Iron Fence Designs to Add Elegance to Your Property

Here are 10 brick iron fence designs that can add elegance to your property:

Brick Privacy Fence with a Wrought Iron Gate

A high brick fence with a wrought iron gate allows for maximum security. It is difficult to climb and protects the homeowner and their family from prying eyes and unwanted intruders. The wrought iron gate can be as ornate or as simple as the homeowner chooses.

Brick Pillars and Wrought Iron Fencing

Brick pillars and wrought iron fencing create an impenetrable wall that allows people to look in or out but discourages intruders from attempting to gain entrance.

Wrought Iron Fencing Atop Short Brick Fencing

This type of fence is often considered a 50/50 split. The brick part of the fencing is approximately three feet tall and the wrought iron adds another three to four feet of height. Brick pillars are put in place and the gate can be made of either wrought iron that matches the ornate look of the fence or a stained wooden design.

Brick-Based Pillars with Stone Caps and Ornate Wrought Iron Fencing

Brick pillars with stone caps or edges along with an ornate wrought iron fencing. The combination of brick and stone adds a rustic touch, while the wrought iron can be used to add a decorative flourish.

Wood Posts with Attached Wrought Iron Fencing Over a Brick Curb

Wood posts with attached wrought iron fencing can add a unique, decorative look. The wood can be stained to almost any hue and a short layer of bricks made into a curb at the bottom of the fence can deter rodents and other animals from trying to dig under.

Whitewashed Brick Pillars with Iron Fencing

These white-colored brick pillars with iron inserts present a simple yet unique look while providing the level of protection and solitude you require.  

Brick and Stone Pillars with Black Iron Fencing 

If you are interested in a dignified, secure, and robust look for your property, these brick and stone pillars with iron fencing are a great option. Not only do they look amazing and powerful, but they also provide you with security and privacy.  

Tall Wrought Iron Gate with Brick Pillars

This fence provides a classic, timeless look to your entrance. The bricks can be stained in any color you prefer to make them blend well with your property. The tall iron fence prevents rodents, animals, and intruders from entering and maximizes your security and peace of mind.

Brick Walls with an Ornate Wrought Iron Gate

Brick walls with a decorative iron gate give a rustic yet charming look. Bricks come in different styles and shapes, which allows you to match the brickwork to the design of your property and make it look extremely appealing. While providing a great appearance, these fences ensure uncompromised security to your property.    

Brick and Metal Gates

If you already have an existing concrete or brick fence, then replace it with contemporary metal slats. When you have an impressive wall, try to tone down the colors and modify the neutral hues.

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