5 Beautiful Summer Blooms for Your Backyard Fences

Your fence plays an important role in your backyard, but that doesn’t mean it should be the only part of your décor. To improve the look of your landscape, summer blooms planted around the area can really make a difference.

Summer Flowers

Keep reading to learn more about five top summer blooms for your backyard fence this year.

  1. Spanish Moss If you’re looking for fence coverage and a rustic landscape, you can’t do much better than using Spanish moss around your backyard. You’ll get plenty of coverage and you won’t have to worry about privacy ever again!

  2. Purple Azaleas A splash of color like what you’ll find in a bloom of purple azaleas is perfect for a backyard with a white picket fence. Whether you’re using a vinyl fence or wood slats, these fresh, crisp flowers are easy to use in almost any yard.

    Best of all, they’re relatively easy to care for, even for novice gardeners.

  3. Daffodils Daffodils may not be the biggest flowers, but because they grow well in the summer, they’re excellent for any backyard with ample sunlight. They’re also an amazing dash of color – even in a backyard that’s already vibrant with more sought-after flowers like red roses growing there.

  4. Sunflowers Bright, bold and vibrant, sunflowers are perfect for any backyard that gets lots of sunlight. Make sure you have plenty of space for them though – sunflower blooms tend to get quite large when they’re healthy and thriving.

  5. Red Pansies Red pansies offer a beautiful touch of color, perfect for any backyard landscape that seems to be lacking in anything besides brown and green. Plant these in beds or rows and you’ll have flowers that are ideal for picking in no time.

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