5 Beautiful Fence Design Ideas for Your Front Yard

Front yard fencing is really important for every house owner. It not only makes a difference in appearance of your house but also keeps your home protected from intruders, unwanted visitors and thieves.

Proper planning before investing on fences is essential because things can get complicated at times as there are endless designs, materials and fence contractors available these days depending on your style and requirement.

Here are some of the magnificent fencing design ideas that will set up the tone of your front yard.

1. Multi-Colored Metal Fence

Multi-Colored Metal Fence Metal fences serve most of the requirements that are expected after fence installation. These metal fences come in different variety and are really strong as they can be used for decoration, privacy and security. You can even paint them in your desired color to make your entrance more attractive and beautiful.

2. Large Protective Fence

Large Protective Fence Large fences are considered the best for security purposes though they block the view. If security in your area is a serious concern and local codes don't restrict these types of fences, you can go for tall protective fences or you can even do some plantation in front of these tall fences to enhance the look.

3. Molded Iron Fence

Molded Iron Fence These fences are really versatile, strong and durable. Their decorative and transparent nature makes them the most suitable material for front yard fencing. These fences are really suitable for houses with formal architecture because you have lots of options available in iron fences.

4. Piano Fence

Piano Fence This might sound odd to you but it's really simple. If you are a house owner with wooden panel fence or planning to install one, this idea will set the scale of your front yard stage. What you need to do is paint the entire fence in white color and install black wood panels after every second or third white panel giving your front yard a musical touch.

5. Marble Ball Fence

Marble Ball Fence This is an inventive way to fence your front yard as it breaks the monotony of your neighborhood and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your house. All you need to do is gather some different color marbles that allow light to pass through them and drill various size bits and sung the marbles in those bits. Now your fence will shine like a diamond.

Your fence reflects your personality. So before investing on fencing, do your homework properly, look out for a licensed fencing contractor with good service review and keep the aforementioned points in mind. Feel free to discuss it with your fencing contractor.

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Ron Frazelle

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