4th of July Outdoor Decor Ideas to Show off Your Patriotic Fervor

Jun 30, 2021

Fence Decorations

4th of July Outdoor Decor Ideas to Show off Your Patriotic Fervor

Show off your American pride by decorating your outdoors with a patriotic theme. Dress up your fence or outdoors in red, white, and blue to set the right patriotic mood for the 4th of July celebration. Add a little creativity to your outdoor decorations and create a perfect outdoor space to celebrate Independence Day with great joy and patriotic fervor.

Here are some outdoor and fence decorating ideas for the 4th of July celebration:

Dress up Your Porch with the American Flag

Show your love for the nation with the American Flag, which is a must-have for any 4th of July decoration. Decorate your porch, deck, fence or railing by installing an American flag. You can use stars and stripes in your decoration.

Decorate Your Fence with Wreaths

Display your national pride by decorating your fence with patriotic wreaths. A wreath having a splash of red, white, and blue is a perfect way to add a patriotic touch to your outdoor decoration. You can also attach red, white, and blue buntings or garlands of stars to your fence.

Complete Your Table Setting with Patriotic Themed Items

Table decoration is an important part of a 4th of July outdoor decoration. Decorate your table with patriotic tablecloths, table runner, and tableware. Bring the American spirit to your table by using red, white, and blue plates, glasses, bowls, and a patriotic centerpiece.

Brighten Your Outdoors with Patriotic Lighting

Decorate your porch with patriotic lighting and add flair to your 4th of July decoration. Red, white, and blue string strands, candles, and classy lanterns, are a great way to exhibit patriotic fervor and set the perfect ambiance for your evening celebration.

Spruce up Your Outdoors with Patriotic Banners and Balloons

Red, white, and blue balloons and banners spruce up your outdoors by adding fun and color. Display your creativity with a trail of balloons on your fence, porch, and railings. Hang inviting banners at the entrance or party area to welcome your guests.

Hang 4th of July Garland on Your Fence

Show your patriotic fervor with red, blue, and white garland. Hang it on your door or fence for the perfect patriotic décor. You can easily make it using a variety of materials such as felt, ribbon, or mesh. Add more fun by shaping the garland into eye-catching designs.

Paint Stars on Your Lawn

Be extra patriotic and make your outdoor decoration stand out by painting red, white, and blue stars on your lawn. It’s a fun and easy DIY that will add patriotic color to your lawn. All you need to make these stars are: cardboard, box cutter, and red, white, and blue spray paint. 

Hang Liberty Burlap Stars on Your Fence

Add a festive accent to your outdoors by hanging Liberty burlap stars on your fence or along the doorway or walkway. Available in red, white, blue color and accented with colorful patriotic stripes, they are perfect for 4th of July décor.

Hang Lantern Lighting on Your Fence

You will need red, white, and blue-colored craft paper, string lights, a hole punch, and scissors to create lantern lighting. First, roll a sheet of the craft paper into a cylinder, then hole punch the sheet with stars, and attach a handle to it. Now, thread the string lights through the handles and hang them on your fence. 

Drape Your Fence with Festive Bunting

Add a historical flair to your décor through bunting. Loosely drape red, white, and blue bunting on your fence to create a beautiful striped visual effect for your yard. It is a simple way to show off your American pride.

Get a Patriotic Fence Panel

A custom fence panel displaying the flag’s design is another way to celebrate the spirit of the holiday and show off your patriotism. You can order it or design and install it on your own.

With bright fireworks in the sky and people having fun on the 4th of July, what could be the best way to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th? Since most people spend this day outdoors, it can be a good time to show your super patriotic pride for your country by creating some activities in your yard and garden. Here are some amazing ideas for you and your kids.

Patriotic Candle Holders

Another easy outdoor décor idea is to decorate your dinner table with patriotic candle holders. If you have extra mason jars, you can repurpose a few of them into candle holders for your 4th of July dinner. You can either place red, white, and blue color chart papers inside the candle holders or paint them in these colors to showcase your patriotic passion.

Red, White, and Blue Umbrellas

Use red, white, and blue umbrellas as outdoor decoration to exhibit your patriotic fervor while providing shade. If you already have umbrellas placed in your outdoor, you can buy umbrella covers in these colors.

Use Food as Décor

Making some mini flag-colored cupcakes, ice creams, cookies, jelly shots, and cheesecakes in a flag pattern is an easy décor that can spice up your celebration while making your kids happy.

Decorate Your Walkway

Impress your 4th of July guests by welcoming them through a beautiful walkway. You can spruce up your walkway with colorful flowers and foliage on a welcome door or accentuate the surroundings with red, blue, and white-colored fruits and veggies. 

4th of July Serving Buckets

Get your red, white, and blue buckets and label them with patriot-related words like nationalism, freedom, public spirit, social justice, good citizenship, etc. Then, fill the buckets with whole fresh fruits or use them to display your desserts.

Decorate Your Door

Decorate your front door with patriotic decors. Instead of a wreath or garland, hang a hand-painted sign or decoration with a cute patriotic message or picture.
You can also add a patriotic-themed wooden sign saying “Happy 4th of July” to help spread patriotism to those that pass by and read it.

Set Up a Trellis

You can create trellis with metal poles or wooden boards and hang American flags on either side for adding a patriotic touch to your outdoor decoration.

Use these outdoor and fence decoration ideas to create a perfect outdoor space for your 4th of July celebration and show your patriotism.

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