4 Steps That Help Create Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is popular as security fencing and is quite simple to weave and install. Generally, people use these fences to guard against intruders and enhance security of children and pets.

Chain Link Fences

Have you ever really thought before how chain link fences are created? The process of making chain link fences isn’t quite as simple as you might imagine. Keep reading to learn more about how chain link fences are made.

  1. The Spiral Process The first part of chain link fence-making begins when the manufacturer weaves heavy steel spirals together to create the chain-like structure that gives these fences their obvious name. Typically, manufacturers use steel between 6-gauge and 12-gauge, though thicker fences can be made for extra security. Heights of fence material are usually between 36 and 144 inches.

  2. Galvanization Once the steel spirals are weaved together, manufacturers use a process known as galvanization to make the fence stronger. While it’s somewhat complex, galvanization uses molten zinc to harden the fence and help prevent corrosion over time.

  3. Weatherproofing Another big part of chain link fence manufacturing is weatherproofing. Galvanization is part of this process, but some manufacturers use other materials to help their fences stave off rust and water damage as well.

  4. Framework After the fence has been created, it needs a framework to stand. This is usually done with steel tubing that runs across the top and bottom of the fence, though posts on the sides can work well for short runs of fence. Due to its material flexibility, relatively cheaper price, ease of installation and low-to-no maintenance, chain link is the most sought after fencing option for a variety of applications.

Here are a few important information related to fences:

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Fence Built? 3 important factors that are necessary to calculate the cost to build a new fence include fence material costs, fence labor costs, job site preparation costs.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Fencing? Normally professional fencing installation services charges a cost per linear foot that combines both their labor and the cost of materials.

How Do You Install a Fence? You can decide to get involved in the fence installation process considering your expertise, confidence and budget. If you have an above average skill you can easily perform a DIY installation or else consider taking professional help.

What Do You Need to Put Up a Chain Link Fence? The backbone of a chain link fence is made of posts and rails, supported together by caps. Chain link mesh is spread out closely across the backbone while a tension bar is entwined into the mesh terminal and connected to the end posts with tension bands.

How Far Apart Do Chain Link Fence Posts Need to Be? The space between line posts should not be greater than 10 feet. For instance, if two terminal posts are 30 feet apart, then line posts should be dug 10 feet apart.

What material is chain link fence? A chain-link fence is a sort of intertwined fence which is commonly made from galvanized steel or vinyl coated steel wire.

How Long Will Chain Link Fence Last? A chain link normally lasts between 15 and 20 years irrespective of the presence or absence of the coating.

Is a Chain Link Fence Cheaper than Wood? Usually, all types of the wood fence will be costlier than a chain link fence. Chain link fence comes at almost half the cost than its wooden counterpart.

What is a Galvanized Fence? Chain-link fences are manufactured from galvanized steel and are often called galvanized fences. Galvanized fences comprise of corner and end posts, line posts, a top rail and wire mesh.

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Chain Link Fencing


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