4 Must See Movies for Every Fence Owner

When it’s time to make improvements on the outside of your home, chances are you don’t get in the car and head to the movies. However, films are an excellent way to understand a particular style, especially when looking at regional or period-based styles.

If you’re getting ready to update your fence and you have a style in mind, or you simply don’t know what’s right for you, there are some movies out there that can help.

Keep reading to learn about four must-see movies for every fence owner.

  1. Forest Gump Taking place in the fabled southern United States, known for its stately homes and manors, Forest Gump is a moving story about a guy that won’t stop moving, despite some serious setbacks. For people interested in traditional southern style homes, Forest Gump is a must-watch when looking at fences and other architectural details.
  2. LA Story Los Angeles may be all about urban sprawl and mega-mansions, but LA Story is a comedy classic that showcases a great deal of the city and its styles. From charming cottages to those previously mentioned monster homes for the stars, LA Story is a must-watch if you’re going to be doing any sort of urban renewal.
    If you actually live in Los Angeles you’ll probably also enjoy this movie even more.
  3. Down the Fence Down the Fence is a sure must-see for anybody with lots of space and a rural home. This new film can give you the nuts and bolts you need to state your style and secure your space.
  4. Notting Hill Whether you’re in the English countryside or not, you have to admit the style is charming anywhere on the planet. In Noting Hill, you’ll find dozens of examples of fences and updates that could suit your home’s needs. Nothing Hill

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