Steps to Strengthen Your Sagging Fence

Over time, there are bound to be issues with wooden and chain link fencing gates. Gates that sag are difficult to close and lock, as well as their general unsightliness. Sagging can be caused by a post that is the wrong size, by the hinges, or an uneven construction.


The following 10 steps can help to fix your chain link fencing gate:

1. Create a Panel of the Gate

Measure the gate and cut a panel that will fit correctly.

2. Add Treated Lumber

It should be 2 inches thick and goes along the width of the gate rails.

3. Reshape the Gate

Laying it flat, make sure that the gate is squared correctly.

4. Determine the Length 

Measure how far it is between the bottom and top rails.

5. Create a Tight Fit

The boards along the length should fit tightly between the gate ends and the rails.

6. Add the Framing Boards

Both of the vertical boards need to be even at both ends of the gate. They should be secured with corrosion-resistant screws.

7. Measure and Cut the Diagonal Supports

First, measure the diagonal supports and cut it properly. Fit it inside the opposing corners of the gate.

8. Screw the Diagonal Supports onto the Board

The supports should be screwed in place. They transfer the gate’s weight from the unsupported side to the side with the hinges. This transfer prevents the gate from sagging.

9. Add the Pickets

The pickets act as reinforcement to the diagonal gate supports, as well as strengthening the gate.

10. For Wide Gates, Reinforce Them with an Anti-Sag Kit

 These kits include one steel cable, two corner brackets, and a turnbuckle. 

Whenever the cable needs to be tightened, use the turnbuckle to keep it secure.

In case you are still unable to fix your fence, feel free to call us at (562) 697-4216 to get a free estimate for fence installation and repair!

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