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We add security to your property and peace in your life!

If you are looking to enhance home or business security along with increasing your property value, your best bet would be a new gate system. As an added bonus, there are so many ways to customize your gate system. They easily coordinate with existing color schemes and perimeter fencing materials. Available in steel and aluminum, our gating systems serve the needs of both commercial and private structures.

Security Gate

Based in Orange County, La Habra Fence has more than 65 years of experience in providing installation and repair services. Our specialists are thoroughly experienced in a full range of procedures to help make your new fencing a perfect extension to your property. They supply a selection of accessories for enhancement and are experts in customizing anything from the simplest residential installation to the highest-security commercial requirement.

Whether you need security gates to contain a pet, to secure a pool, or just to add a decorative touch to your garden or landscape, fences and gates play a dual role. Not only do they serve an important function from the security perspective, but they also are a big part of your Orange County home’s exterior appeal. From simple chain-link fences to custom-crafted wrought iron gates, a fencing and gate contractor can assist you in choosing and installing something that are suits both roles.